Warranty Information

As consumers ourselves we understand the need for reassurance when buying products for our home. We have a motto that drives everything we do: “People like us want what we want”.

Our goal has and always will be to provide the best quality products and provide real value for you which is all we want for ourselves.

If you’ve come to this page you’ve obviously done a lot of research and realise our competitors have lengthy warranty statements with a multitude of exclusions and usually demand proof of purchase.

In this day and age there should be no reason to provide proof of purchase so we don’t ask for that. If you’ve purchased from us we already know that because we’ve dealt with you, we care and we don’t forget our valued clients.

We do provide a standard 5 year warranty on all of our powder coated aluminium frames and PE wicker because we’ve tested them in the harshest possible environment (our home) and know they will easily exceed this.

You’re protected by statutory warranties under Australian Consumer Law against defects or products not doing the job they’re supposed to do anyway.

This doesn’t matter to us because we want you to be so happy with your purchase you’ll tell everybody you know. If there is ever a problem you can call us directly and we’ll do whatever we can to fix it.